How to make a slydy?

Hi there! On this page you'll find the simple steps you need to follow to put up a perfect slydy on your blog/website.


Think of an interesting topic


Assemble the headings, the captions and the pictures

70 chars

160 chars


Naa! We're not super strict about the character limit. But try to stick to it ;)
Also make sure the pictures and the headings are complete in themselves.
The caption should just give readers the finer details.


Email all of that to

Put the content (headings, captions & pictures) in a word file and simply email it to us.


We'll email you back the embed code

Once we've processed your content, we'll send you a single line of code with which you'll be able to embed your slydy.


Let your users fall in love with your blog and slydy